Move-On Housing

COVID-19 Update

We continue to operate our Move-On Housing programme as normally as we are able to. Clients continue to be housed and supported, taking into account guidelines and advice to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

No one should have to sleep rough

King’s Arms Project believes that no one should have to sleep rough, that everybody deserves the safety of a home, the opportunity to progress and the friendship of community. In response to local needs, our Move-On Housing programme utilises smaller properties (2-6 beds) around Bedford.

Community and independence

This initiative helps give our residents a greater sense of community and independence, showing them trust, offering them the chance to take responsibility and move forward with their lives. Every resident receives weekly key-work sessions to help them work on their support needs and gain independence.

The housing model is specifically designed to help individuals that are seeking work. We intentionally keep our charges low so that a client gaining employment will still be able to afford their accommodation.

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“I had been living in a hostel for 18 months and also working voluntarily for the last 9 and have gained community, confidence and skills to enable me to take the next step towards independence. I am excited and not nervous. I am raring to go, hoping that my new experience will be the start of something big. I would never have dreamed that this would have been possible. I am so happy!”
— 'Move-On' resident, upon moving in to his new accommodation

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