Pre Tenancy Training

Hands-on pre-tenancy training

As part of the Pathways to Employment Programme, Pre-Tenancy Training is a hands-on, practical course to prepare Nightshelter and hostel residents from all over Bedford to live in their own homes.

It’s a refresher on the sort of things that always come in handy like knowing how to turn off the water when it’s dripping from the ceiling; how to communicate when you have ‘interesting’ neighbours and not running out of money before the weekly food shop!

Brushing up on essential skills

The course is led by the Pathways to Employment team with additional support from trainers, other Project team members and volunteers. The course runs three or four times a year, with sessions including:

  • First Aid: participants gain an accredited First Aid certificate
  • Fire Safety: including visiting a local fire station
  • Managing your money
  • DIY
  • Healthy living
  • Dealing with landlords and neighbours
“The best parts were the laid back atmosphere
and how to put up a curtain rail”
— Pre Tenancy Training Client
“The role plays, the information on applying for housing”
— Pre Tenancy Training Client

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